A Catalogue of that truly superb, and well-known collection of pictures, of the Roman, Venetian, Spanish, French, Flemish, Dutch and English schools, the intire and genuine property of monsieur Desenfans, amongst which are no less than ten landscapes with cattles and figures by Berchem, and eight by Teniers, several performances bu Rubens and Vandyck, an undoubted picture of Gerard Douw, some precious landscapes with horses and figures by Wouvermans, three of Vernet, some of Guido, Carracci and Salvator Rosa, out of the Palace Barbarini at Rome, three by Murillo, somme by Albano, Poussin, Raphael, Corregio, F. Laura, &c. &c. with the works of some eminent masters of the English schools, also four performances of Claude Lorrain, one of which is that well-known and so much admired Sea Port with the history of St. Ursula, which was purchased some years ago out of the Palace Barbarini, and is recokned the finest picture in Europe, the whole will be sold on Saturday, April 8, 1786, and following dayw, (Sundays excepted) by private contract, by a commitee appointed by mons. Desenfans, at the great rooms, late the Royal Academy, no.125, Pall Mall

Catalogue de vente

18e siècle
Vente. Art. Londres. 1786-04-08
Collection. Art. Desenfans, Noel Joseph
1 vol. (XII-21 p.) ; in-4°
Cote de l'original : VP RES 1786/6 ; Cote du microfilm : Mfilm 35 1786 04 08 (bobine 31)
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Noel Joseph Desenfans (1744-1807), marchand d'art et collectionneur français installé à Londres en 1769, collabora avec Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Lebrun, lui permettant de développer ses collections et sa réputation en Europe
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Biographie de Noel Joseph Desenfans dans le Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford
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Bibliothèque de l'Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, collections Jacques Doucet
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